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The Hungarian Historical Manuscript and Autograph Collection and Museum, the only museum of this kind in Hungary, was founded in Budapest in 1957. The main purpose of our Collection and Museum is to collect and preserve specimens of handwriting of outstanding people, such as prominent cultural figures of Hungary and whole world as well as politicians and as well from scientist to actors and from sportmen to musicians. In our collection there are signatures of the religious leaders, politicians, royalities, scientists, writers, painters, sculptors, architects, directors, actors, sportmen, musicians, etc. We hope that the images of people belonging to various historical epochs, cultures and nations will help us to create a collective portrait of mankind. Although our museum is called “ The Hungarian Historical Manuscript and Autograph Collection and Museum”, we do not collect just signatures, our collection consists of photos with signatures (signed pictures), letters, historical manuscripts, postcards, etc... The handwriting style together with the picture of a person on a photo form a single visual image and become an excellent visual guide to the cultural and national features of the country the person belongs to. All together the photos accumulated in our collection provide an opportunity to visualize, so to speak, the visage of all mankind and in the most various aspects, such as racial, linguistic, aesthetic, political, etc., since the plainest photo with an autograph may have a huge amount of information. These are the philosophical foundations of our work. Nowadays we have more than 20.000 autographs, historical letters, historical documents, papers, etc. with original signatures. One of our oldest items is a letter from Pope Pius X (1906). The only criteria for our collection is to be original. Our purpose is to show the original documents for the Hungarian and foreigner visitors of all the world. As the British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair wrote us in October 2011: „The Hungarian Historical Manuscript and Autograph Collection and Museum has achieved a remarkabale milestone by reaching 15,000 autographs, I would be delighted to add mine to the collection.” That is why we organised very successfull autograph exhibitions in Hungary outside the Museum. All autographs exhibited in the Museum are authentic (original) and personal. The overwhelming majority of the autographs have been donated to the Museum personally by their authors. Our museum is purely a research institution and does not pursue any commercial goals, we are a non-profit oriented foundation. Please, do not apply with requests regarding sale of any of the museum items or their copies. We do not sell historical relics. A small amount of our exhibits is displayed on our website. The exposition is being constantly enriched. We would be thankful to everybody who helps us in obtaining new autographs.

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